What we do

Luminnova B.V. is a specialized company in innovation and grant consultancy. Our customers are companies, knowledge institutes, universities and governmental organizations.

Luminnova is an expert in project development from head to toe and will make your plans turn into reality. Together with you Luminnova is able to build strong alliances with a range of stakeholders and will make these consortia work smoothly. Furthermore Luminnova offers to submit and acquire available grants, subsidies or loans for your project, regionally, nationally or in an European perspective. And Luminnova can be of help in managing your (subsidized) project in content or financially.

Luminnova operates in a broad area of innovation and grant consultancy. For companies, knowledge institutes and universities we can offer our services for example in the field of sustainable innovations (energy, environment, care), medical technologies, life sciences, food and process industry. For governmental organizations we can offer services as economic or social policy development, policy evaluations, analysis of stakeholders, and the development of international governmental cooperations.

Luminnova operates with a passion for sustainability with a healthy economic perspective for business as a starting point. Luminnova offers its services internationally.