Many books have been written on innovation, economics and a sustainable development. Terms as new business development, cradle to cradle, market imperfections, organic growth and eco-efficiency are used over and over again. Let us take a look at this world from a different – music oriented – point of view.

Music contains rhythm, feeling, tension, relaxation, speed, slowness, variation, monotony, colour, chilliness and warmth. Music has piano, violin, trumpet, sax, drums, guitar, harp, bass and vocals. But above all music has creativity. Music is lovely to listen to, to dance at or to experience. It’s great to play or compose music by yourself. And it’s getting really fantastic if you can perform music with others. And in case you get a big applause …

And that is what innovation is all about: getting applause for a successful economic introduction of your new product, process, service or plan. An economic success in balance with social and environmental needs. Because without balance you can’t bear to hear the music.