Personal touch

Laurens Meijering is founder and managing director of Luminnova B.V. He studied Technical Physics at the Technical University of Eindhoven and a MBA in Environmental Management at the Universities of Amsterdam, Leiden and Wageningen. He can build on a very broad working experience at different governmental organizations (regional, national and European) and has been working as a European business consultant at a private company. Laurens has a clear and pragmatic view on innovation, economy and sustainable development. At his disposal he has a large governmental network and a thorough knowledge of regional, national and European grant schemes.

Laurens Meijering is keen on quality and tangible results. He works fast with vision, new concepts and is reliable. He will carry out your project assignments with full enthusiasm and with enormous professional knowledge. By nature he will operate in your network with “the personal touch”: accessible, personal and social.

In other words: he is fully equipped to help realizing your ambitions and to convert them in successful results. If requested it is possible to contact personal references. If you wish, please let us know.