Who we are

Your ambitions reach to the top.
In your working and business area you want to make a statement. Exploring long term horizons is a daily routine for you.
Your ambition is to innovate and discover new unpaved roads.
Enter new markets with new products, processes, services or policies.
In an open collaborative atmosphere with partners.
A healthy ambition.

Luminnova can help you to reach your ambitions.

Luminnova develops robust innovation projects from head to toe.
It will make your plans turn into reality.
Together with you Luminnova builds strong alliances with stakeholders.
And will make these consortia work smoothly.
Luminnova has an enormous amount of expertise in grants and subsidy schemes.
In regional, national ánd international areas.
Luminnova paves the way and makes project financing easy.
Submission for grants gets clear and concrete.
And with success!

Your ambition is our ambition.